Cupid, is this your fault?


So this is a question that kind off is stuck in my head at the moment and it is all about Unrequited love!I am sure you know that Unrequited love – but in a nutshell it is love that is not openly reciprocated. Well the thing is, I don’t really know whether or not I might fall in this category. Let me start to explain:

A number of people have told me before that they believe that my husband has a hold on me, because no matter what he does, I always find a way to forgive him and a way to move on (with him), and for the last couple of weeks it is something that has been playing over and over and over in my head. Do I love him and does he not even return anything, do I love him and let him do this to me over and over again and I find a way to forgive him, but I don’t see that he doesn’t feel anything for me, Am I just blind to everything.

Well it took some time for me to think about it and to be really honest with myself. I still don’t really have the answer and I don’t think that thinking about this is any healthy for me at this stage but hey…

Look they say signs (that is when you look on the internet) of unrequited or one sided love is things like:

  • The fact that they can do nothing wrong in your eyes – and this is partially true, I know that he is doing wrong, but I have always found ways to forgive
  • There is little to no physical contact – again this is true, but he has never really been a person who is clingy, but maybe he was and I am looking past it and making up excuses
  • You are unnoticed, the one you love may not notice you at all – this is very true in my life, he hardly even notice any change, no hair change, mood change or anything unless I point it out, or he notice and doesn’t say anything
  • They don’t notice your absence – he can easily be without me the entire day, and even if I am there and leave the room he will only look for me when he needs something
  • You are ignored and always give more – he never speak to me not even on social media, and when I ask him to call me for whatever he sometimes does. Even if I send personal messages he will just answer with emoji…
  • Flirting with other people and not spending time with you – whenever he can he will always be with and around other people. It is almost as if he doesn’t need alone time with me.


And these are my thoughts:

  • Could it just be because of where we are in life
  • Could it be because of emotional baggage from the affairs
  • Could it really just be that we have drifted apart and that we are no longer compatible
  • Could it be that I am just expecting too much

What do you think – could it be that it has always been reciprocated love and that as why he had his affairs?

I am going to live

Regrets, we all have them! But again, it’s what we do with each one that’s most important, and when we allow regrets to keep our focal point on the past, we are setting ourselves up again for failure. This is something I have come to realize – but to realize this it had to take a very emotional filled day in my life, and that day for me was the past Sunday.

So what do I do Accept the Unchangeable and should I Change the Unacceptable? So here I am pondering about whether my husband feels the same way about the state of our marital union as I do, especially going into this year. I got confronted again with something from our past which reared its head, my husband was involved in his club and got promoted up the ranks and with it brought on new responsibilities for me in the past, I put my heart and soul into it as I enjoyed it, but little did I know I was putting in all the effort and working my bum off every day and every weekend and he was lounging around in hotels. So after it all collapsed the way it did (long story) he joined somewhere else and I didn’t get involved. I never thought that we would by any means go back to anything similar, but boy oh boy I was so wrong, so again last night he got promoted and while I should be really happy for him I am more skeptical and almost more nervous than ever. When you got home to tell me the news last night all I wanted to do is lay there and cry. It just feels like I am being punished again. Feels like I am living my life over, feels like it is all Deja-vu. Oh boy I just don’t know right now what to do or how to react. I am feeling a bit lost and at a loss for words. (But enough about that for now)

On the more positive side, I have managed to work on myself. I have come to realize that I will never be able to change him (But I shouldn’t even want to change him). I can pray for him, I can be supportive of him and that I already did and do. So I asked myself the question, so what now? I decided to go back and take a good deep look at myself. I am looking into the “me” who am I…


WHO ARE YOU REALLY? And the answers I have right now is little, but I am going to work on this and as I go along I am going to share my discovery. Why? Just because I feel like sharing it and maybe just maybe someone could come across it and it can help or safe them.

Honestly – someone saved me from where I have been in the deep pits of darkness – 2 ladies have taken my hands and they have started to bring me closer to light. I have come to realize that I cannot just live for him, I am supposed to live for me too. So Cheers – this is to me taking the leap of faith – I AM GOING TO LIVE


Hello, How are you today?

What an interesting question… How do we respond all depends on the space we’re in right. So how do you do it?

  • I am good thanks, and you?
  • I am Okay thank you, and you?
  • Not bad thanks and yourself?
  • Can’t complain thanks and you?

Well, it is the only way to respond to be friendly and polite when you are asked how you are right, why is it that one always try to be polite and to help and to be friendly but that is not how you feel, and to top it all of (I can only speak for myself right now) I immediately wonder what their intent are. Why would they want to know how I am, and if I respond with the real way I am feeling will they even be able to cope with it. What if I tell them that I am not fine, I am not doing well, what if I tell them life is not good, life is terrible, I don’t know how to cope from day to day will they run, will they snoop, will they be uncomfortable? Then I also think about how will me answering the question actually affect me? Will it change anything, will I feel better, will it change something for them…

Here are so many people who suddenly pop up, with whom I have not had a conversation in years and now they want to know how I am. I also received a message last week from someone I use to work with (Female) whom I have not had any contact with for 12 years and suddenly I get a message saying Hi, can we meet for coffee, I haven’t spoken to you in so long and would like to catch up. (Is this is a trick). I mean, what the hell.

Maybe I am just suspicious of everyone right now, maybe they have good intentions, but maybe not… who knows, and who knows right now what I should answer!

Hit Delete!!!

So here it is…


I don’t seem to understand this, I find it really questionable. You see maybe it is just me, but when I become close with someone or when I allow someone close to me then surely that person means something, let alone if you allow for someone to share your bed, but why do people find it easy to switch off and move on, letting the person go, and never looking back?

Why is it so easy for friends to decide they no longer want to be part of your life, they make that choice and tomorrow they are gone. Why is it so easy for someone to cheat, be with their partner everyday and when it is out, they easily make the decision, they decide who they want and the other party get left behind, but before they were outed they couldn’t decide..

Today, I feel very alone (I know that I am not alone, I have plenty of people I can rely on), but I feel alone, some people have deserted me. People decided to no longer be part of my life, others decided that they will occasionally be there, others still talk to me daily and others have changed their life and it means that there is just no more room for more. I have been ill for a while (just flu) and I have been really emotional, been discovering more things about myself and have thrown myself into work to keep my mind occupied, but I don;t think it is working. I wish I had a little switch (like a light switch) so I can just switch off every thought and emotion, I just don’t want to feel right now.




Just something, before the trip

I decided to add the little things the kind of in between things here as well, things that I noted and that I just want to add here, right now everything I have posted has been so kind of negative (and believe me i am not yet very positive) but there is things that doesn’t go unnoticed, but goes without recognition and words, and I try to add these things but a lot of times when I go back and read my post again, I realize that i didn’t say anything positive

Here is the rest of October

  • I have started to notice that after the wedding he started to wear his wedding ring again, and even-though he was wearing his biking ring on that finger for some time now, he moved that off – that obviously dint last long and he alternates between the two rings because the biking ring doesn’t fit on any other finger, so when he has biking events or meetings he wears the biking ring, any other time his wedding ring.
  • We had an opportunity where he spoke about Lady 2, he told me that he always thought that she had more backbone. It sounded like she told him that she is a real fighter and that even her busband is scared of her some times as she stands up to anyone. He told me that he was hurt because he asked her if the fact that he was white was a problem and she always said no that his skin color was never a problem and then when he saw the messages she sent me it hurt him. He said that he just can’t understand why she can’t even acknowledge that she had the affair, not to me nor to her husband, he always thought she had it in her to at least confess when the time came. He told me that both of them did agree that they will never give up their families for one another, she told him that she want happy in her marriage, and he told her that there is things lacking in ours.When I asked him then why didn’t he just leave me and she her husband that they could have been together and happy, because both of them were then not happy right, he just told me that he loves me (this just still makes no sense to me) – if you love someone so much you are not willing to give up the person, then why would you look for things outside your marriage (is it just me, or does this sound off?) He told me that the people at work started to notice that him and Lady 2 aren’t talking anymore and they have asked him why, but he just keep saying that they communicate on email whatever is needed at work. He said that she needs to come to him if she wants to talk, he will not go to her to talk, he called her many times and said they had to talk but never did, and now she needs to when she is ready he doesn’t care
  • I also noted that he is and Lady 1 is communicating on Whatsapp, sending jokes and clips etc, nothing personal but it is still there, I also noticed that she is calling him everyday at around 5, now that is the time she leaves, apparently it is routine for one of the reception ladies to do so, but it seems to be her daily, and he leaves the messages so I can see (so I should be satified right?)
  • For him, the relationship with Lady 1 has been over a long time ago, so when he says long I just want to yell and scream, because 5 months to him is long!!! anyway the relationships have ended with Lady 1 and Lady 2 all at the Date of discovery basically in my mind. So from that day on it seems like the affairs are done, but here is the thing, Lady 1 asked him to end it because she wanted to focus on her husband and kids and now that Lady 2 is out of the picture now what? Would Lady 1 come back for more, and will he accept again? 
  • Some days I just feel like, nothing I say means anything, nothing I ask gets the answer that is really required, Nothing is changing, I feel like he doesn’t care about my feelings, I feel like everything is about him and him alone
  • So he has biking the end of the month and because it is the end of the month the Friday he first has to do the reports so he will only leave the Saturday and then return the Sunday. Anyway the 3rd is my birthday, but I have no high hopes for this day as for the last 6 – 8 years it has never been special, it was never made special by him. He then said that he hopes by then his financial situation would be sorted so he can at least buy me something for my birthday now let me tell you this, he doesn’t have the fucking financial shit, all he has is the shit he bought them on his credit card, so yes, it literally is a message that says: Look you fool, if I don’t have the cash, you will get nothing again, and then the 5th of December would be the big 20 Anniversary, yeah *sigh* maybe I need to talk about this later, it is just making me depressed so moving on… on the 5th he has a biking year end, but apparently he told them he cant be there because it is his anniversary and his wife comes first, so they told him to bring me with but he said no he is not going to their event he needs to do something for me – but do you think anything will happen from his side? Well I don’t want to get my hope up for the 3rd or the 5th so all i am going to say is watch this space, I will let you know

and then we left for work… the time away was good, it had its moments, and we worked and had some time together as well, the time away felt like normal, like these things didn’t happen, we were able to talk and just be without all the anger and emotions bubbling up from my side, and on our return, everything was back to normal… well normal as in back to how it was before we left (I will post about where we were, it was peaceful, I felt at peace, and I need to put it on here too.

Through this all, I still feel as if:

  • Even though he did mention that we didn’t really talk in the past and that he enjoyed speaking to Lady 2 on Whatsapp and that he would like that communication, he doesn’t really talk to me, and if I should send him anything he replies with a emoji, or he ignores the message – and when I ask why he just says he is busy. He says that he had to work late because he spoke to her the whole day and now he comes home early so that should be sufficient right? 
  • He mentioned that it was easy for him to do all these things with the ladies because we never even called one another during the day really, and when I use to call he never picked up. Now he does, but there are times that he doesn’t (but here I suppose I also needs to be reasonable because he has customers and meetings)
  • Whenever I ask him who is working on a Saturday, it seems like Lady 1 is getting away with not working, I haven’t heard her name pop up in a while when I ask, but I do know during the week they obviously see one another and that she and the other ladies working in the front buys things to eat and he does for them too.
  • He has given me all his passwords of his phone and other login accounts and has his phone available, I never go in at all, but the once or twice he asked me to help out I noticed some messages and calls, nothing really major, and yet again I will wonder if it gets deleted
  • Oh yeah, and I descovered I was alergic so Sunflower seeds. Yeah had some seeds on my salad, and he had to rush me off to the doctor, what an experience, I had to get some injections a drip and then after an EKG discovered that my heart seems to beat uneven – more to follow on this in December as I would have to go see a Cardiologist to check it out…
  • He updates his statuses at random, some days it makes me feel like he is sending someone a message again like he did before D Day, and other days I can’t really put it together… the other day he had Bruno Mars on, the song Just the way you are, it was just suddenly and unexpectedly weird of him. Eventually I couldn’t hold back the question anymore and then when I asked for who it was he said for me (yeah that I should have known) it was what he use to answer me in the past as well, but when this happens it wakes up all kinds of doubt and wonder
  • October was also the month where we had to make the decision to either proceed with the divorce or continue, now let me tell you what happened, I don’t think that I was prepared for this, and I wasn’t aware of all these things, it would have been nice to know it all up front. So the Attorney gave us an amount for the divorce and sent us the invoice shortly after we saw her in July, then we agreed to the cost, because it would have been an amiable divorce it was a settled amount, which we agreed we had to pay an amount up front, both me and him and then the last just before our court date. This was all fine and agreed, so when she called in August and he told her to please put it all on a bit of a hold, she sent us her invoice again, and now there were even more cost, cost for phone calls she made to both me and him (which honestly I can’t see that I received that many) and each e-mail she had to read each document she had to review (this is like an ID document) and then the drafting of the settlement agreement, well the cost involved for this was double the amount that was in the initial invoice and when I questioned it, I was told to pay the amount. When I asked her that I would want to speak to her on call, as she wasn’t available when I called her, she didn’t even reply. So at the end of the day, after a couple of emails I got a little discount but had to pay the amount within 5 days. All still feels so unreal, everything feels awkward and it is still something that I need take a look at because surely there is a snake in the grass, but it cost me a lot of money!!! and it feels like I had to pay because of the decision to hold off the divorce, almost feels like she was wanting or waiting for us to fight and take this to higher court (which would have secured much more money in her pocket), but even while this was going on, I said to him, look we are going to pay for the divorce whether we like it or not, so we could just as well divorce and stay together like you proposed in the first place, but his answer now became a no. He didn’t want to divorce, that he thought about his life and that he loves me and wants to be with me
  • I also mentioned to him that I was blogging, now he didn’t seem to find it funny, I told him that I haven’t used there names or his at all, and he just looked at me, he didn’t ask me much about it, not did he comment. So maybe he isn’t phased about it or maybe he is, but don’t want me to catch on. Who knows, maybe they are all reading this LOL. (and just because the Ladies might be reading this, I just want them to know – I call you ladies here just because I don’t want to use your real name and just because I am still saving your husbands and children from the pain you have caused them, I call you ladies but you are no lady in my eyes, You’re cheap, trashy, desperate and don’t know how to keep your own family happy and them still sleep with another ladies husband – just go fix your own fucking life and close up those legs)

So there you have it for now… just a whole bunch of this and that, and poof the month was gone

Just another day


Why is it that one listen to things that people say and then you realize that you have heard the lies, the promises, the words so many times before, then you also come to realize that you have trusted the words, believed in, trusted it and took each word to heart. How many times have you had promises made, but broken, vows were made, but broken, love was given, then taken away and so the list can go on forever and we all find a way to stand up again from it all.

So here I am, sharing a song. I feel unwanted and doubtful today, and thoughts are running through my mind… Just knowing I’m not the only one, never will be, never have been. Just working through it all

I’m Not the Only One
You and me, we made a vow
For better or for worse
I can’t believe you let me down
But the proof is in the way it hurts
For months on end I’ve had my doubts
Denying every tear
I wish this would be over now
But I know that I still need you here
You say I’m crazy
‘Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done
But when you call me baby
I know I’m not the only one
You’ve been so unavailable
Now sadly I know why
Your heart is unobtainable
Even though God knows you have mine
You say I’m crazy
‘Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done
But when you call me baby
I know I’m not the only one
We all guilty of the same crime if you ask me
I might’ve had a couple women at the same time
She can’t handle the pressure, Jack Daniels for breakfast
A cap of valium mixed with antidepressants, precious
My momma said that we need love
Till I found out life’s a bitch with no prenup, you’re on your own
Divorces or court splits, decisions and choices
The Porsche or the fortress? Ignore it or forfeit
You say I’m crazy
‘Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done
But when you call me baby
I know I’m not the only one
I know I’m not the only one
I know I’m not the only one
And I know, and I know, and I know, and I know, and I know, and I don’t know
I know I’m not the only one
Songwriters: Sam Smith / James Napier


Hi everyone,

Today I don’t really have a post, but rather a question..

You all know the frame of mind I might be in, you know the emotions and everything else, so

1. What would you do if people pressure you into staying in your marriage or

2. What would you do f people pressure you to go through with a divorce?

Your thoughts will be appreciated