New Year… Me!

Happy 2019 Everyone, I hope that 2019 will be much better than the past years.

I must be honest, mine started off on a very bad note, but I am managing it and I have come to realize a couple of things about myself. Anyway, I know that life will never stand still for anyone of us, I also know that time tick by, so honestly I am not good at making New Year Resolutions and sticking to them, so I am not even going to try and make any. One thing is for sure, I am going to or shall I say I am on a route to discover….

  • Finding inner peace and finding my own life balance again
  • Finding more effective ways to let go of feelings and emotions
  • and looking after myself better in terms of health and eating habits


Lol – yeah seems like i have just made a list of things i just said i am not going to do, but hey…

Anyone of you have made New Year Resolutions? Are you good at keeping to it and fulfilling them?


4 thoughts on “New Year… Me!

  1. I don’t make new year’s resolutions. I figure if I need to make a change, I don’t need the year to change first. It’s just a number. A month ago, I decided to finally find some therapy and get this mess in my head sorted. That was kind of like a resolution, but I wasn’t going to wait until now to start.

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