Hello, How are you today?

What an interesting question… How do we respond all depends on the space we’re in right. So how do you do it?

  • I am good thanks, and you?
  • I am Okay thank you, and you?
  • Not bad thanks and yourself?
  • Can’t complain thanks and you?

Well, it is the only way to respond to be friendly and polite when you are asked how you are right, why is it that one always try to be polite and to help and to be friendly but that is not how you feel, and to top it all of (I can only speak for myself right now) I immediately wonder what their intent are. Why would they want to know how I am, and if I respond with the real way I am feeling will they even be able to cope with it. What if I tell them that I am not fine, I am not doing well, what if I tell them life is not good, life is terrible, I don’t know how to cope from day to day will they run, will they snoop, will they be uncomfortable? Then I also think about how will me answering the question actually affect me? Will it change anything, will I feel better, will it change something for them…

Here are so many people who suddenly pop up, with whom I have not had a conversation in years and now they want to know how I am. I also received a message last week from someone I use to work with (Female) whom I have not had any contact with for 12 years and suddenly I get a message saying Hi, can we meet for coffee, I haven’t spoken to you in so long and would like to catch up. (Is this is a trick). I mean, what the hell.

Maybe I am just suspicious of everyone right now, maybe they have good intentions, but maybe not… who knows, and who knows right now what I should answer!

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