Hit Delete!!!

So here it is…


I don’t seem to understand this, I find it really questionable. You see maybe it is just me, but when I become close with someone or when I allow someone close to me then surely that person means something, let alone if you allow for someone to share your bed, but why do people find it easy to switch off and move on, letting the person go, and never looking back?

Why is it so easy for friends to decide they no longer want to be part of your life, they make that choice and tomorrow they are gone. Why is it so easy for someone to cheat, be with their partner everyday and when it is out, they easily make the decision, they decide who they want and the other party get left behind, but before they were outed they couldn’t decide..

Today, I feel very alone (I know that I am not alone, I have plenty of people I can rely on), but I feel alone, some people have deserted me. People decided to no longer be part of my life, others decided that they will occasionally be there, others still talk to me daily and others have changed their life and it means that there is just no more room for more. I have been ill for a while (just flu) and I have been really emotional, been discovering more things about myself and have thrown myself into work to keep my mind occupied, but I don;t think it is working. I wish I had a little switch (like a light switch) so I can just switch off every thought and emotion, I just don’t want to feel right now.





5 thoughts on “Hit Delete!!!

  1. Snap! How do they do it? I wanted to contact someone I very painfully moved away from after her unkindness and disloyalty. Why? Because despite her hideousness and outright hideousness, I struggle to write people off completely. Because I am loyal and I do make deep connections with other humans. I don’t have a clue how you just leave that behind.

    Sending understanding and empathy for where you are right now xxx

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  2. For some people it is easy. I think some people do not have the feelings and the emotions. Some people don’t experience emotions and feelings the same as others and for them it is just easier to cut people out of their life.

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  3. I wonder this all the time too! All of our neighbors that were here when the affair came out are now gone, most of them had been here for many years and we were very close. But eventually one by one they moved out of the neighborhood and I never heard from them again, some of them moved out of town, changed their numbers. This didn’t even happen to them it happened to me but if cheaters think their affairs don’t affect others they are sadly mistaken. But I still don’t understand why they moved away and deserted us

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  4. I think some people are meant to be part of our life for short periods of time, while others are meant to last. I have one friend I was really close to when I volunteered at my son’s middle school. She was a teacher. We got close for a few years, met up at the beach during the summers. But now I don’t work at the school and she is busy with her work friends and family. Last summer, she was at the beach and we weren’t. We are still friends, we text here and there but are not nearly as close as before. There was no falling out and neither of us think badly of the other, it’s just life moved us in different directions for now… xoxo Dolly

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