Karma / Revenge / Whatever

So where do I actually start with this. Okay wait, let me start by saying that this is only my view and this is only how I feel right now.

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So you know the emails which started this whole process / journey of my life, well it’s wonderful (Sarcastic, So irritated) it is still in progress. For some reason I have not yet heard the end of it and my mood is constantly impacted by it. No I have not yet found out any more information apart from something small… a flowers message which apparently isn’t true, but I have no means to validate it. anyway back to the message. It is difficult as it is to open my eyes and move one foot in front of the other, I am just down and out and I know that I will be fine, I talk about everything and I know that I will get through this, but it is just another phase. So these emails is adding to how I feel, and honestly it is because I feel like this (and before you continue reading, This is my pity party, if you don’t like it stop reading at any point)


  • I know – why is it that it is good enough for one person (spouse) to have found out and that needs to carry this burden and work through these emotions and the other adulterers and their spouses carries on with life as normal
  • They should – why shouldn’t they find out, why shouldn’t they be pushed to the limits I have been pushed
  • Them – why should the ladies get away with the hurt they caused me and they can carry on with their happy family and keep lying
  • When – when will they get their turn to be misserable
  • What – what will they get in return, like I see it, all they are getting is a happy life and I have a daily struggle
  • How – How fair is life? Why should some of us keep getting the shit and others that cause shit is happy
  • Me – How the hell am I suppose to work through what I feel
  • Karma – So I have a question here, do people really get what they deserve, so that means if we say that Karma will never loose their address (Like the picture in this mail) that means that what happened here was part of my Karma right? and if so, when the hell are they getting theirs
  • Revenge – Will any type of revenge ever take away what you feel. You can never take revenge on someone and *Poof* there everything is better. So how do you even get some sort of satisfaction. they say you should just continue with life and that should be okay, but HOW?
  • Doubt – I have so many doubts right now, I have so many questions and I really don’t feel like I have anyone I can rely and talk too. I have people but I don’t have the closeness to them right now and I don’t really trust saying anything to anyone. I know that this will pass soon, but till it does I needs to deal with the feelings.
  • Why was I the girl who got the short end of this stick… always have and looks like i always will…


anyway… pity party over and out



10 thoughts on “Karma / Revenge / Whatever

  1. I feel like you climbed into my head. I get it all so completely. I have no answers or wisdom other than I guess we just keep gpo g and hope this is it. Nothing more. Nothing worse. But it is oh so hard to do that when the people who caused it aren’t suffering with you. Or worse yet, are fine.

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  2. Been there. Still there sometimes. I want her to hurt like she hurt me, no wait, I want her to hurt worse, suffer. I guess it’s just part of the process. I believe in Karma and I really hope she not only gets hers, but that I’m around to see it…

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  3. On Karma- no, people do not get what we think they deserve. They do have to deal with the results of their actions, in whatever way they come.

    On revenge- we can take revenge if we like, but it comes at a cost. We have to deal with the results of our revenge and don’t think anyone, no matter how justified you may be, will accept your revenge and not want to retaliate. Another cost is your humanity. Once you’ve decided that you’re the type of person to willingly cause suffering like that, what will you become?

    Personally, all I can hope to do is rise above it all. In time, maybe I can. In the meantime, I’ll avoid sinking to their level. They will find no justification for their actions by looking at my actions.

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  4. How apt is this post. Well, after four and a half years my H gets this message from one of his whores….she does not sound happy. I suspect she is reaching out to him to see if there is any interest. Desperate much?
    I have been angry at her attempt but now I just feel sad because her life does not seem very happy….at all.

    ‘Hope your ok and happy.
    Not really sure why I’m doing this. Still struggling i guess. Go figure.

    Please dont freak, and dont want to cause any problems.
    During that period you made me feel worthwhile and special, and even though it was false, I’d never had or expect that again
    Stupid phone..pressed something wrong apparently..anyway..leaving brisbane..so …bye.
    Still in my heart.’

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    • Oh my word… I would have freaked TFO, I don’t get why people do this. I live with it everyday because my husband words with the one, they still see one another everyday and because of the work situation they buy food together with the others for one another etc… daily struggle


  5. I think that this has always been a debate and there are multiple blogs and articles discussing whether people should inform a partner. Do you believe that it is fair for anyone to live a life of betrayal and hurt and lies and deceit? Would you have wanted for someone to never tell you? Well someone did. Someone was looking out for you and told you and you had to make a choice what you did with the information right? To not tell someone in my mind is just as good as to just go have your own affair put of spite. Didn’t those ladies know what will happen when it was exposed. Didn’t they know that it can be exposed. So why should they be in a fairytale and yours ended. Just my view

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