And so this all start

So far this journey has been very difficult, but believe me when I say, I am not a victim, I might have gone through life with a lot of things that happened to me, but I am strong and I know that I can survive, not just can survive I know that I will survive.

So if you want to follow my story, let me give you some insight as to what this will be all about, I am not new to blogging at all, but my other journey I am unable to link with this journey and soon you might understand why.

This will become a platform for me to get a number of feelings, emotions, and just thoughts off my chest. Why you may ask, so here is the why:

I have always believed that a marriage is 100%. You give it your all for the good for the bad, for the sad times, for the happy times, for everything, and when times get tough you go the your partner and you talk it out, you explain, you ask, you fight if you have to, but the last thing anyone of us expect in life is for our partners to not give it their all, but to give their all to someone else, while you are still the dedicated one.

So yes, My husband cheated on me for the last 3 (Confirmed) but 8 years of our 20 Year Marriage

People might have their own definitions of cheating and their own views on this and I do welcome and respect that, and if you comment on my post please do note that I will challenge these comments, but please let us all be respectful. I feel that it is cheating, because while I was playing the dedicated wife, I invested money, time, effort and all these kind of things into my marriage, my husband became distant, he invested money in other woman, time in other woman, effort in other woman and I got the fighting and the blaming, there are so many things that you will learn from my experience going forward and I ask that you share your opinions, and I will keep sharing mine.

So this is me… this is my story… this is my life…




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